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By looking at all of the work that University of Michigan students have uploaded to their truApps, it is very evident that there is a lot of talent present at the University.  Today, we look at several students who have taken their talents across the world.  It has become more and more common for students to study abroad as well as work or intern in cities or countries outside of their comfort zones. Students do so to immerse themselves in different cultures and explore what othe cities have to offer. Check out what some students are working on this summer!

Olivia Mariani

Tarrence van As

Charlotte Laffler

Haley Stevens

Q: Where are you working this summer? What do you do on a day to day basis?

Olivia: I’m working at HEC Paris, a business school with MBA, Masters in Management, and Executive Education. Each day I go to the office from 10-5, and I have work on short-term projects assigned to me from the development manager at the school. Right now I am working on a project on how to develop HEC’s presence in North America by reaching French teachers, International Centers, and Business and Student organizations. I am developing a presentation on specific ways to increase this presence and make HEC’s programs competitive in the US, as they are ranked #1 in Europe but not a popular choice among American business students. I’ve also worked on social media and online development as well as how to improve campus life.

Tarrence:  I’m interning at Samsung Electronics in Suwon, South Korea. I’m working within the Mobile Services R&D dept.  and developing an education solution for Samsungs Android tablets called Smart School. I get on campus (called “The Digital City”) around 8am, grab breakfast (we get fre breakfast/lunch/dinner), and am in my office by 8:20. I spend most my day developing different components for Smart School. The environment is pretty laid back and I work independetly for the most part. I grab lunch with some other interns or my team and take a coffee break in the afternoon sometimes (Koreans live off coffee, the campus has probably 10 different cafes). I spend about 9hours in the office and get back to my hotel around 630.

Charlotte: This summer I’m working in Brooklyn New York for Living City Block, an urban planning organization that designs systems on a block scale level to focus on energy and resource efficiency, storm water management, and community connectivity. My main project will be using the systems, data, and maps the organization used in Denver and applying them to neighborhoods in Brooklyn in hopes of making industrial areas more resource-efficient. It’s a long-term project, but I’m happy to be contributing this summer! Additionally, I’m doing similar work with the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, a project to redevelop 14 miles of the Brooklyn waterfront.

Haley:  I studied abroad/ was a research assistant in Zambia. My team helped a professor for the University of Michigan on her research project. It was called TMI, (Trusted Messenger Intervention) which aims to help educate about HIV and AIDS through a biological perspective by targeting clergy members of the AMEC (African Methodist Episcopal Church). By educating them and teaching HIV AIDS as a medical issue and not a moral issue, we hope they will educate their parishes to help increase awareness and VCT (voluntary counselling and testing) to get rid of HIV/AIDS. My work varied daily but in general we traveled around Zambia to AMEC churches and held 2 day workshops for church leaders.

Q: How did you find your current job or internship?

Olivia: I found the internship through a program called CIBER, which is affiliated with Ross. Students can apply for a number of international jobs depending on their country of interest.

Tarrence: I found this internship and applied directly through Samsungs website.

Charlotte: I learned about both jobs through my internship last summer with the Regional Plan Association, also in New York. Both of these projects were initiatives that RPA was interested in, so this I contacted the organizations directly and explained how I learn about them. After a handful of interviews with different members of the organizations, I was offered the position.

Haley: The professor who is head of the project came into my virology lecture to tell us about the project and how to apply to be a part of it.


Q: What do you like best about the city you’re interning in?

Olivia:  What I like best about Paris is that it’s easy to get lost! Paris is huge, separated into arrondissements and it would take weeks to experience the whole city on foot. Getting lost sounds like it would be scary, but it’s actually the best thing you can do living in a city like Paris. When you’re not looking, you can easily stumble upon things you wouldn’t have otherwise found, such as unique shops, delicious bakeries, or hidden cafés away from the bustling streets. There is also so much to appreciate here when the city is in bloom, because there are tons of parks with endless flowers where you can sit and have a picnic.

Tarrence: There isnt much to do in Suwon but its only 45mins from Seoul so I go there most weekends. Its cool to be immersed in a completely different culture and to get to travel Korea for the 3months I’m here. Korean food is pretty good too, they have these BBQ things where u cook meat at ur table, fun to go to with friends. And living in a five star hotel is definitely as awesome as you’d imagine

Charlotte: Brooklyn is an incredible place! There are so many great outdoor bars and restaurants, creative businesses, plenty of live music, and great views of Manhattan. You’re a ten minute subway from Manhattan too, where there’s always a ton going on, but Brooklyn is less crowded and a little more chilled out compared to Manhattan.

Haley:  We visited multiple cities, but the project was based in Lusaka, Zambia. My favorite part about Lusaka was the people in general and how alive the city was.

Q: Why should someone get a truApp?

Olivia: Truapp is very different from other social networks I’ve seen becuase it focuses on the professional side of a student but still lets them showcase who they are through their experiences. It’s a great way to set yourself apart for recruiters through visual proof of your accomplishments.

Tarrence: TruApp is a unique way to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive job market. It allows you to display skills that are hard to describe on a resume.

Charlotte: It’s nice to be able to send your profile to a potential employer, as they can get an idea of what you’re like both as a an employee and as a person. Many businesses and organizations, especially newer, urban ones, value the perspectives of their younger employees. Truapp also gives you a chance to set yourself apart from you grades and resume by allowing you to lay out your experiences in a more personable way.

Haley:  TruApp is nice because it gives people an opportunity to show employers things that they couldn’t typically put on a resume.


Here at truApp, we’re thoroughly impressed with the amazing work we see from students every single day. We thought it would be impossible to top our April Students of the Month but today, that doesn’t seem to be the case. We’re highlighting some of the best and brightest that truApp has to offer, because, let’s be honest, truApp is full of bright talented students with absolutely fantastic work. To help narrow it down, we decided to highlight a special demographic within our community – Women in Business. Specifically, girls that are working towards earning their BBA at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

So, truApp-ers, I present to you, the May Students of the Month.

Neha Megchiani

Anne Autio

Maggie Chang

Rachael Brunk

Anne Hu

Reeya Shah

Not only do these lovely ladies set the bar at Ross, but they are setting the bar at truApp, too. Check out their stellar profiles to see what they’re up to and what they’ve worked on. Thanks to truApp – we can see them not as black and white resumes, but as driven, motivated personalities that truly shine.

Reeya Shah | Class of 2014


Anne Autio | Class of 2013

Anne Hu | Class of 2013

Neha Megchiani | Class of 2013

Maggie Chang | Class of 2014

Rachael Brunk | Class of 2014

And now – a quick Q&A with the best and brightest that Ross has to offer!

Q: “What are your current career aspirations, and where do you hope to see yourself come graduation?”

Maggie: Currently, I’d love to work in brand management for in the sports equipment or apparel industries. But honestly, my biggest condition for anywhere I work is a great corporate culture. By graduation, I just want to learn as much as I can about marketing from both the classroom and work experience in order to put my best work forward for my future employer.

Neha:  I am really looking for opportunities that allow me to use both my creative side and my analytical side. I’m a math nerd that lists advertising as my favorite class. I love problem-solving, especially scenarios where the problems themselves are hard to define and innovative solutions are required. Being able to do all that and really make a difference where I work is all I am looking for as I start searching for full-time work. I’m also trying not to restrict myself to one industry – be it Consulting or Auditing – I’m just going to wait and see where the world takes me!

Anne Hu: My career aspirations are to find something that would challenge me, excite me, and allow me to apply and build upon business and life experiences in a professional environment. This coming graduation, I hope I am in a place where I’ve put myself out there confidently but still hungry to learn more.

Reeya: My current career aspirations are to work in Management Consulting after graduation. After graduation, I want to be working at a consulting firm based in New York City. I think that working in consulting after graduation is the ideal way to really be exposed to a variety of capacities and industries within business.

Rachael: I am honestly not really sure what my current career aspirations are because I am interested in so many different things! I am definitely enjoying my accounting classes and I am working in finance this summer so I can see myself working in that line of field in the future. I am also passionate about pursuing a career in environmental science because I truly believe that it’s important for business and people to become more sustainable. After graduation I see myself moving to a big city, ready to take on the world.

Anne Autio: Currently, I see myself on the new frontier of Digital Marketing – preferably in Silicon Valley. There’s a lot of empty space and I’d love to be one of the pioneers in the industry.

Q: “What’s your dream job?”

Maggie: I would say ultimately, I’d love to be a Chief Marketing Officer at a corporation that has innovative products that I’m truly passionate about. Again, the sports apparel or equipment industry would be ideal. I just loved being challenged to think about new ways to market products and differentiating oneself from every other product on the shelf, and so I’d love to make those decisions as a CMO.

Neha: Is there a job that pays people to go to class? As a Michigan student, I’ve always been intrigued by the diversity of classes offered and frustrated by the 18-credit limit placed on enrollment. I love going to class and it’s probably going to be what I miss most about school once I graduate. But more realistically, I think that I want to own a consulting firm that specializes in non-profit education and healthcare. I have recently been bitten by the healthcare bug after working for University of Michigan Health System, and I am so excited about all the possibilities in that field.

Anne Hu: My dream job would have to include three elements of understanding: situations/problems (analysis), people (stories), and products/services (design). In whatever form that would look like, I want to continue to grow with passionate people who will guide me and inspire me in the workplace.

Reeya: My dream job is to open my own restaurant once I’m financially stable enough to afford the risk of it. I don’t have a specific type of food in mind, but I’d love to open a restaurant that targets a niche need in the area.

Rachael: My dream job is to be a successful entrepreneur, and work with lots of people due to my outgoing personality, and make enough money to support myself, my family and my passion for traveling.

Anne Autio: To be the CEO of my own company… and have a killer fashion line on the side.

Q: “Why should someone like you make a truApp?”

Maggie: I think truApp is an awesome and different way to list out accomplishments and what you have to offer to an employer. Right now, I give links to some of my social media sites on my resume and I’ve gotten good feedback about that, so I can definitely see myself putting my truApp link on their as well–it’d differentiate me from the hundreds and hundreds of applications that I’m sure recruiters have.

Neha: If you’re anything like me, you’ve been frustrated by the one-page, black and white, text-only, action-words-filled document called a resume. It is such an inadequate outlet to truly describe your experiences. In a world where movies can grow from black-and-white to color to IMAX to 3D, the resume has remained surprisingly stagnant. A truApp lends personality, vivacity and life to your job search. It allows recruiters to see the whole you and ALL of what you bring to the table. It’s the perfect blend of a portfolio, resume and personal website all rolled into one! I’m so glad I made one.

Anne Hu: Making a truApp is a great way to learn more about yourself, discover some of your passions and find new things that you can show others beyond bullets on a resume.

Reeya: People should make a truApp because it is a unique way to compile all of your accomplishments, connect with recruiters, and connect with like-minded peers.

Rachael: I highly recommend that everyone makes a truApp because it truly is the best way to show the real you and all of your current activities, accomplishments, and aspirations. Your personality can shine through your profile and your work in a professional and creative way. Not only is it helpful for your professional life, but it’s really fun to see what other students are doing on campus. It makes me excited and proud to attend the University of Michigan when I see a flux of students doing so many amazing things! The site is extremely easy to use and fun to play around with. So make a truApp- no excuses, just do it.

Anne Autio: Because portfolios are the resume of the future. Plus, it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come once you collect all your experiences online.

Q: “Any plans for the summer?”

Maggie: I’m interning with Under Armour this summer out in Baltimore!

Neha: I’m about to start an internship with a consulting firm in Dubai. I’m really looking forward to what I am sure will be a challenging and rewarding experience. I’m also a huge foodie and plan to spend all summer cooking, eating and blogging about my food adventures. Travel is definitely on the cards as well. I will be traveling across India and will hopefully hit up a few more locations before the end of August. But most of all, I’m just missing good ol’ Ann Arbor – the wonderful vibe, the art fair, some of the best restaurants on this planet and, of course, all my favorite people. T minus 91 days till I’m back!

Anne Hu: This summer I’ll be interning in Detroit at Quicken Loans’ Rockbridge Growth Equity as a marketing intern. I think it’s a great opportunity to gain and apply business skills in the corporate world as well as learn more about the city of Detroit, which I think has huge potential. I am commuting to work daily and living in Ann Arbor so I can continue to serve in my church community on campus, where I learn to invest in relationships, grow in faith, and love God more every day.

Reeya: This summer, I am going to be living in Chicago, interning at Groupon’s headquarters in Finance (Operations Analytics). I’m also going to be attending a leadership program for PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City.

Rachael: This summer I will be working at the GM Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I am working in their finance department and I will also be giving Plant Tour Guides randomly throughout the work week. In June, I am attending the PwC National Leadership Adventure in Chicago and in July, I am attending the Deloitte National Leadership Conference in Westlake, Texas. I am really excited about these opportunities!

Anne Autio: Working as a Marketing Intern for Cisco Systems in San Jose, California – my first time to the west coast!

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