By looking at all of the work that University of Michigan students have uploaded to their truApps, it is very evident that there is a lot of talent present at the University.  Today, we look at several students who have taken their talents across the world.  It has become more and more common for students to study abroad as well as work or intern in cities or countries outside of their comfort zones. Students do so to immerse themselves in different cultures and explore what othe cities have to offer. Check out what some students are working on this summer!

Olivia Mariani

Tarrence van As

Charlotte Laffler

Haley Stevens

Q: Where are you working this summer? What do you do on a day to day basis?

Olivia: I’m working at HEC Paris, a business school with MBA, Masters in Management, and Executive Education. Each day I go to the office from 10-5, and I have work on short-term projects assigned to me from the development manager at the school. Right now I am working on a project on how to develop HEC’s presence in North America by reaching French teachers, International Centers, and Business and Student organizations. I am developing a presentation on specific ways to increase this presence and make HEC’s programs competitive in the US, as they are ranked #1 in Europe but not a popular choice among American business students. I’ve also worked on social media and online development as well as how to improve campus life.

Tarrence:  I’m interning at Samsung Electronics in Suwon, South Korea. I’m working within the Mobile Services R&D dept.  and developing an education solution for Samsungs Android tablets called Smart School. I get on campus (called “The Digital City”) around 8am, grab breakfast (we get fre breakfast/lunch/dinner), and am in my office by 8:20. I spend most my day developing different components for Smart School. The environment is pretty laid back and I work independetly for the most part. I grab lunch with some other interns or my team and take a coffee break in the afternoon sometimes (Koreans live off coffee, the campus has probably 10 different cafes). I spend about 9hours in the office and get back to my hotel around 630.

Charlotte: This summer I’m working in Brooklyn New York for Living City Block, an urban planning organization that designs systems on a block scale level to focus on energy and resource efficiency, storm water management, and community connectivity. My main project will be using the systems, data, and maps the organization used in Denver and applying them to neighborhoods in Brooklyn in hopes of making industrial areas more resource-efficient. It’s a long-term project, but I’m happy to be contributing this summer! Additionally, I’m doing similar work with the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, a project to redevelop 14 miles of the Brooklyn waterfront.

Haley:  I studied abroad/ was a research assistant in Zambia. My team helped a professor for the University of Michigan on her research project. It was called TMI, (Trusted Messenger Intervention) which aims to help educate about HIV and AIDS through a biological perspective by targeting clergy members of the AMEC (African Methodist Episcopal Church). By educating them and teaching HIV AIDS as a medical issue and not a moral issue, we hope they will educate their parishes to help increase awareness and VCT (voluntary counselling and testing) to get rid of HIV/AIDS. My work varied daily but in general we traveled around Zambia to AMEC churches and held 2 day workshops for church leaders.

Q: How did you find your current job or internship?

Olivia: I found the internship through a program called CIBER, which is affiliated with Ross. Students can apply for a number of international jobs depending on their country of interest.

Tarrence: I found this internship and applied directly through Samsungs website.

Charlotte: I learned about both jobs through my internship last summer with the Regional Plan Association, also in New York. Both of these projects were initiatives that RPA was interested in, so this I contacted the organizations directly and explained how I learn about them. After a handful of interviews with different members of the organizations, I was offered the position.

Haley: The professor who is head of the project came into my virology lecture to tell us about the project and how to apply to be a part of it.


Q: What do you like best about the city you’re interning in?

Olivia:  What I like best about Paris is that it’s easy to get lost! Paris is huge, separated into arrondissements and it would take weeks to experience the whole city on foot. Getting lost sounds like it would be scary, but it’s actually the best thing you can do living in a city like Paris. When you’re not looking, you can easily stumble upon things you wouldn’t have otherwise found, such as unique shops, delicious bakeries, or hidden cafés away from the bustling streets. There is also so much to appreciate here when the city is in bloom, because there are tons of parks with endless flowers where you can sit and have a picnic.

Tarrence: There isnt much to do in Suwon but its only 45mins from Seoul so I go there most weekends. Its cool to be immersed in a completely different culture and to get to travel Korea for the 3months I’m here. Korean food is pretty good too, they have these BBQ things where u cook meat at ur table, fun to go to with friends. And living in a five star hotel is definitely as awesome as you’d imagine

Charlotte: Brooklyn is an incredible place! There are so many great outdoor bars and restaurants, creative businesses, plenty of live music, and great views of Manhattan. You’re a ten minute subway from Manhattan too, where there’s always a ton going on, but Brooklyn is less crowded and a little more chilled out compared to Manhattan.

Haley:  We visited multiple cities, but the project was based in Lusaka, Zambia. My favorite part about Lusaka was the people in general and how alive the city was.

Q: Why should someone get a truApp?

Olivia: Truapp is very different from other social networks I’ve seen becuase it focuses on the professional side of a student but still lets them showcase who they are through their experiences. It’s a great way to set yourself apart for recruiters through visual proof of your accomplishments.

Tarrence: TruApp is a unique way to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive job market. It allows you to display skills that are hard to describe on a resume.

Charlotte: It’s nice to be able to send your profile to a potential employer, as they can get an idea of what you’re like both as a an employee and as a person. Many businesses and organizations, especially newer, urban ones, value the perspectives of their younger employees. Truapp also gives you a chance to set yourself apart from you grades and resume by allowing you to lay out your experiences in a more personable way.

Haley:  TruApp is nice because it gives people an opportunity to show employers things that they couldn’t typically put on a resume.



Meet Max Moulton. Former foursquare campus ambassador. Now – it’s his time to move up the ladder.

truApp is thrilled to announce his addition to our team as our campus ambassador at Michigan State University. A social media guru – Max is not new to the world of tech and social media.





Q: So, Max, why are you excited to work for truApp?

I’m excited to work for truApp because it’s really something I can relate to. I consider myself an early adopter, especially for all things internet and tech based, so I understand much of the start-up

atmosphere. This idea is truly a unique approach and has great potential to take MSU’s student body by storm. I’m glad to be a medium to connect the company with the students.



Q: Why should a student like yourself get a truApp?

Everyone should get a truApp because #resumessuck! But really, a standard resume does not accurately display your skills, abilities, experiences, personality, or past work. Black ink on a white piece of paper is just a bunch of words. With truApp, you’re able to showcase so much more of yourself to employers. It’s great that this site was also created by students who truly understand this for other students. It’s catered more towards the emerging college student instead of the established networking person in a dedicated career. That alone is what appeals to me personally the most.

Q: If you had to choose, what’s the best part about being a Spartan?

The best part of being a Michigan State Spartan is just that. I am a Spartan and I always will be. I feel like I’m part of one giant family. I know that whenever I meet another Spartan I will instantly have something in-depth and rich in common with them.

Q: Tell us something interesting or unique about y-o-u!

Something interesting about myself is that I hate being in my comfort zone. I can’t experience new things if I don’t push myself to get out there. Life’s all about experiences; good or bad.

ImageSparty on! Another new campus ambassador joins the team.

Meet Ricky Hernandez. He’s a Michigan State student pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Today, he begins bringing his talents to the truApp family.

Beginning in our inaugural class of campus ambassadors, Ricky will help show the Spartans all the value and promise truApp has to offer.

Watch out for this one. A self-motivated go-getter and Entrepreneur himself, Ricky represents the kind of talent we love to see on the site. Even more, the kind of talent we are excited to have on-board, working to help more students, on more campuses, every day.

Q: Why are you excited to work for truApp?

I am excited to work for truApp because I love thinking critically and I feel passionately about what is going on within the company.


Q: What’s a good reason for someone to get a truApp?

Someone should get a truApp if they feel that the old-fashioned resume is out of style. All the most popular online outlets are highly customizable and people are more interested in being able to ‘see’ what you can do as opposed to ‘read’ about it.

Q: What’s the best part, in your opinion, of going to MSU?

The best part about being a Michigan State Spartan is getting to live and learn on such a beautiful campus. East Lansing is stunning in the Summer.


Q: Tell us something about yourself, totally unrelated to your new position or career aspirations!

I am highly skilled in improvisational jazz on both the Alto and Soprano saxophone.

What does it mean to work for a platform that is full of the best-of-the-best tier top college talent? Well, let’s just say, as we expand – we get first dibs. Sure, there are companies like Airtime, Under Armour, Quicken Loans and Teach for America that have also realized this. Today, we’re coming at you with our newest intern; a Columbia Undergrad, World Traveler Extraordinaire, Producer, Director and all-around Sweetheart. Meet Francesca Audia.


Studying as a part of the first official class of Dual BA’s – she’s working to receive a degree in law from the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris, in addition to her Economics bachelor’s from Columbia. At truApp, she’ll be working with the business team – alongside design and tech. Check out her truApp to learn a little bit more about this rising star.


Q: What part of working for truApp are you most excited about?

Francesca: I’m really looking forward to getting the word out about truApp. It’s a great website with huge potential! Also, I’m definitely looking forward to being immersed in the startup culture. I find it very interesting! And of course, truApp is a fun place to work.

Q: What previous work that you’ve done, are you most proud of?

Francesca: I’m most proud of my leadership role in creating the first Mr. Milford Male Beauty Pageant in high school. It was a TON of hard work, as I was charged with engineering the event, but it definitely paid off. The event turned out to be so much fun, and we exceeded our goal of $1,000 to raise over $1,300 for the CARE House of Oakland County, which provides services to abused children. What was really awesome was that we had contact with the CARE House throughout the entire planning of the event. In the end, I was able to hand-deliver the check to the CARE House and tour their facilities in Pontiac. It was an unforgettable, moving experience. 


Q: Why do you think someone should get a truApp?

Francesca: A truApp profile is a much, much more powerful way to present yourself to potential employers than any traditional paper résumé. With truApp, employers have access to works you’ve created/contributed to in a variety of formats, which is valuable in showcasing your ingenuity, character, and achievements. It’s such a versatile tool: it can enhance a traditional resume or business cards, AND be used to find jobs/internships through the “opportunities” feature. What more could you ask for?

Q: Alright, tell us something interesting about yourself, totally unrelated to your career or your awesome new internship!

Francesca: I’m really small and kind of girly, so people are always surprised that I play rugby for my school in France and practiced karate for 7 years! Also, I have an INSANE coffee addiction.


Be sure to check out Francesca’s truApp. This little lady will be one to watch.

+1 for the truApp family! We’d like to officially introduce one of our newest interns, Madeline Johnson. She’s a rising Senior at the University of Michigan studying at the Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning. As you can see on her truApp profile, though, she does a lot more with her free time. From her Executive Board position with the Language Exchange Club, to her involvement as a sister of Alpha Delta Pi – this Wolverine should not be underestimated. How did we find this top talent to add to our team? On truApp of course. With a profile like hers? No surprises here.

Q: Why should someone get a truApp?
Madeline: People should get a truApp because it is a great way to showcase yourself in a much better way than a simple resume. The world is getting more and more digitalized, so by making a truApp you can present yourself to online employers in a visual and and unique manner.
Q: What exactly is your role with the team?
Madeline: My role with the team is as an intern with the design team, led by Jerry. We are working on the front-end design of the new beta version of the website.

Above: Madeline on a typical day with fellow truApp-ers! We like to have fun here.

Above: truApp is the perfect way for an architect like Madeline to show off her studio work!

Q: What excites you about working in this position?
Madeline: I’m excited about working for truApp because it is such a new company and the work atmosphere is great-although the team is separated into smaller groups, we all work with each other so that we are on the same page. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product of all our work with the website’s beta release later this summer.

Q: Alright, tell us something interesting about yourself – totally unrelated to your work as a designer.
Madeline: Something interesting about me; I was a competitive speed skater for 10 years, and even got to meet Apolo Ohno!

Once again – we’re growing. Here on the #truAppBlog we’d like to officially welcome Design Intern, SJ, and Development Intern, Zach! SJ will be working on beta site design and user experience, and Zach will be working on Developing and implementing new beta features into a functional reality.

SJ: Design Intern


SJ is a rising senior at the University of Michigan, studying Industrial and Operations Engineering. Besides interning at truApp, he is also the Webmaster for the Society of Global Engineers, as well as a Richard R. Roemer Scholar.


Zach: Development Intern


Zach is an Engineer at the University of Michigan, studying Computer Science. In addition to coding and hacking prowess – he also enjoys the artsy side of life. He has been in plays, operas, musicals and concerts.
Q: What excites you about working with truApp?
SJ: I never liked the idea of trying to fill up a single sheet resume of who I am, and truApp gives me the flexibility. I’ve always wanted to work with a startup before I graduate and get old where I have to worry about stable incomes with a family, so I’m really excited to experience a startup life!
Zach: I’m excited to work on web technologies that I’ve only read and dreamt about using. It’s also pretty crazy that our team might be ushering in an age where resumes are obsolete.

Q: What work of yours are you most proud of and why?

SJ: I am most proud of Snapbox! that came about in my sophomore year in the intro to social entrepreneurship class, not because it was the most successful product, but because it really brought me joy when I first saw the beauty of social entrepreneurship, especially when I witnessed kids filled with excitement and smiles.
Zach: Memoirs. Though it was just a personal theme that I created for myself, it received quite a bit of positive comments. This theme was groundbreaking for me personally because it was the first time I took the idea of simplicity to heart.

Q: What’s one unique fact about you?
SJ: I’ve never touched a dog with my own hands…because I’m allergic to animal furs.
Zach: I had my first first sip of Coca Cola on May 4, 2012.
Press Inquiries:

Mike Vichich: Co-Founder of Glyph and Develop Detroit

We’re always wanting to hear more about what truApp is (or isn’t!) doing for our users. We love getting feedback from students everyday on all they’ve come to gain from becoming a truApp user. But it’s not just our student users! Every day, we’re talking with Recruiters to see how they’ve come to utilize all that truApp has to offer.


Mike Vichich (pictured) gives his two cents on the Recruiter truApp experience…

“Glyph was looking for an awesome iOS app developer for a while. All of a sudden, we found Josh. Almost overnight, we connected, he joined the team, and he started building. truApp provided that first all-important step: the connection. If you’re looking for top, young talent that can kick-start your business, technology of design functions, look no further than truApp.” 


Thirsty for more? Check out Glyph’s recruiter profile on truApp!