Michigan State Student Spotlight: truApp Campus Ambassador Ricky Hernandez

ImageSparty on! Another new campus ambassador joins the team.

Meet Ricky Hernandez. He’s a Michigan State student pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Today, he begins bringing his talents to the truApp family.

Beginning in our inaugural class of campus ambassadors, Ricky will help show the Spartans all the value and promise truApp has to offer.

Watch out for this one. A self-motivated go-getter and Entrepreneur himself, Ricky represents the kind of talent we love to see on the site. Even more, the kind of talent we are excited to have on-board, working to help more students, on more campuses, every day.

Q: Why are you excited to work for truApp?

I am excited to work for truApp because I love thinking critically and I feel passionately about what is going on within the company.


Q: What’s a good reason for someone to get a truApp?

Someone should get a truApp if they feel that the old-fashioned resume is out of style. All the most popular online outlets are highly customizable and people are more interested in being able to ‘see’ what you can do as opposed to ‘read’ about it.

Q: What’s the best part, in your opinion, of going to MSU?

The best part about being a Michigan State Spartan is getting to live and learn on such a beautiful campus. East Lansing is stunning in the Summer.


Q: Tell us something about yourself, totally unrelated to your new position or career aspirations!

I am highly skilled in improvisational jazz on both the Alto and Soprano saxophone.


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