Michigan State Student Spotlight: truApp Campus Ambassador Max Moulton


Meet Max Moulton. Former foursquare campus ambassador. Now – it’s his time to move up the ladder.

truApp is thrilled to announce his addition to our team as our campus ambassador at Michigan State University. A social media guru – Max is not new to the world of tech and social media.





Q: So, Max, why are you excited to work for truApp?

I’m excited to work for truApp because it’s really something I can relate to. I consider myself an early adopter, especially for all things internet and tech based, so I understand much of the start-up

atmosphere. This idea is truly a unique approach and has great potential to take MSU’s student body by storm. I’m glad to be a medium to connect the company with the students.



Q: Why should a student like yourself get a truApp?

Everyone should get a truApp because #resumessuck! But really, a standard resume does not accurately display your skills, abilities, experiences, personality, or past work. Black ink on a white piece of paper is just a bunch of words. With truApp, you’re able to showcase so much more of yourself to employers. It’s great that this site was also created by students who truly understand this for other students. It’s catered more towards the emerging college student instead of the established networking person in a dedicated career. That alone is what appeals to me personally the most.

Q: If you had to choose, what’s the best part about being a Spartan?

The best part of being a Michigan State Spartan is just that. I am a Spartan and I always will be. I feel like I’m part of one giant family. I know that whenever I meet another Spartan I will instantly have something in-depth and rich in common with them.

Q: Tell us something interesting or unique about y-o-u!

Something interesting about myself is that I hate being in my comfort zone. I can’t experience new things if I don’t push myself to get out there. Life’s all about experiences; good or bad.


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